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Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder

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🐦The Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder is probably the most fun bird feeder and the perfect gift for bird lovers.

🐦Birds sit relaxedly on the little water buckets while the Ferris wheel spins and rotates. Sometimes the Ferris wheel spins in the same direction multiple times!

🐦An installation manual comes with the kit.

🐦The bottom of the feeding buckets has a drainage hole. 

🐦You can fill it with bird feed without affecting the rotation of the Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder!

Notice:This Ferris wheel bird feeder was designed and completed by our handicraft workshop in 2024 and will be launched in January 2024. Please look for my store, we currently do not sell on other platforms! !

 Package Contents:
Ferris Wheel Arms * 8
Ferris Wheel Bird Food Baskets * 8
Ferris Wheel Stand * 1
Ferris Wheel Knob * 1
Thanks a lot. We'll provide more than enough assembly parts for every order!